Some Great Tips to Buy a Rolex Daytona

The Rolex Daytona is often referred to as “The Driver’s watch”. The manufacturer calls this model by the name because it was intentionally designed to meet the demands or requirements of the drivers on the race track. The company used to sponsor a race known as the Daytona race that used to last for 24 hours. This watch has all the mechanisms in place that a race driver could ever wish for. It has an automatic movement as well is water resistant up to 100 meters.

Apart from the above features the Rolex Daytona also comes with a perpetual cosmography and also a chronograph. Hence you can use this watch as a stopwatch along the he regular time keeping functions. The Daytona has other incredible features such as the ability to test speed and also to measure and show the average speed and lap times. The tachometric scale on the bezel is the indicator of these figures.

The Rolex Daytona of course goes through all the strict requirements of a quality Swiss watch but it is also certified by the independent body COSC. This internationally acclaimed independent body measures the watch accuracy using the standardized methods. If the watches pass its test then only a certification is issued. You will find Rolex watches in steel and even in gold. The choice of course depends on the individual’s wallet and the taste. Some may not like the yellow gold and may prefer the white gold. Some may find the steel bracelet more within their reach because of financial constraints. There is also a choice of leather straps too.

The visibility of the dial is good because of the design. You will always find contrasting colors of the main dial and the sub dial. There might be black counters on a white dial or vice versa. This allows for good visibility in conditions of dim lights too. Now, beware of replicas. As usual whenever there is a good product in the market there will be people who will start making fakes to cash in on the popularity. However the fakes are always similar at face value but if you observe and use the features the fake is nowhere close to the real Rolex Daytona.

Always buy from an authorized Rolex dealer. This will give you the benefit of the company’s warranty. If you buy a genuine Rolex Daytona chance are that it will last you for decades and you may hand it down to your son or sell it. A Rolex watch is one of the very few watches that have resale value just because of its reputation regardless of whether it is made of gold or diamonds or not. The genuine watches have the serial number and the case number so that it is easy to tell a fake one. The cheap replicas also make a ticking sound but if you notice the real Daytona’s movement the second hand is absolutely silent. The hidden clasp of the Daytona’s bracelet also has a crown that most replicas will not be able to copy. Hence buy wisely so that you can move around as a proud owner of one of the finest timepieces in the world. Buy original at daytona-sale.com.