Modern Oil PaintingsTechniques for Beginners

Oil paintings are introduced before several decades and it is constantly popular among art lovers. However the recent discovery of oil paintings is known as modern oil paintings. The major difference between traditional art work and modern oil paintings stands on its look and feel, though the quality of material is same. Here are some modern painting techniques and strategies to be followed by beginners to learn oil painting with ease.

It is advisable to use same pattern of oil paints when you mix it in color palette. In due time, you will get more practice of colors to use on modern oil paintings. Usually professional painters follow “fat over lean” method in oil paintings. It means, for each sequential layer, the proportion of oil should be increased. Reapply color when the above layer is totally dry. If you reapply color when the regions are wet then it may destroy the appearance of paintings. It is obviously known that it takes lot of time to complete an oil painting.

Modern Oil Painting

Beginners should note that ivory black color takes more time to dry and thus it should be avoided in oil paintings. Professional oil painters know the tricks to overcome this difficulty, however it is little tough for beginners. Avoid overmixing of colors which makes them appear dull and blurt over the paintings. As start ups, use only few colors on color palette and practice modern oil paintings making the most out of it. Initially select the style of oil paintings – Alla prima, Impasto, Knife painting, Toned Ground painting and Glazing etc. Choose the one which you prefer and check whether you can pursue to paint in that style.

If you are more interested in oil paintings and are dreaming to learn the painting skills, then you can look for professional oil painters to help you. Get complete guidance from them from initial stage till the end. As said previously that modern oil paintings take some time to dry, so it becomes easy for you to learn the painting process step by step. You can also visit art gallery or art museums to know more about oil paintings. When you visit museums, ask them to show the oil paintings which are made up of different techniques to understand the painting difference. Though all these seem to be lengthy process, it is just easy as such if you are really involved in learning traditional and modern oil paintings.

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